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Update: November 17, 2012: Latest sponsors:

  • A massive much appreciated donation from Stephen Grasso. Thank you so much! :D
  • Thank you Kevin Keenoy!! Your donation will go far and is deeply appreciated ^_^ !!
  • Thank you so much for your wonderful donation Carin and Iain!! You absolutely rock!!
  • A huge donation from the wonderful Claire Black. Thank you so much for supporting my work in Haiti! <3
  • A wonderful donation from Clive Reedman Photography! Clive points out that any sales profits of his photos up to and including Christmas day will go to my Haiti appeal. So go and buy dozens of prints!! ;)
  • Thank you so much Lynne Warberg! Everyone go and check out her photography here!
  • An amazing donation from the wonderful Tania Glyde! What a loveheart!
  • Reverend Nemu, author of the amazing Nemu’s End has donated! You rock!
  • Gyrus of Dreamflesh has given an awesome donation :) Thank you so much!
  • A truly amazing donation from Maggie Tapert! Thank you! So much love for you!
  • Thank you so much for your wonderful donation Elizabeth Martin!!
  • A mighty donation from Neil Clatworthy, founder of Woodworthy Furniture! Thank you!
  • Lou Beegan, founder of Bite Entertainment has been amazing and donated to us! Blessings to you!
  • Frances Billinghurst of the Temple of the Dark Moon has donated! Thank you!
  • Thank you so much Manon Palmer! Your epic donation will go far!
  • Claire Beegan from Heaven On Earth has donated!
  • Get your Tarot cards read by Diana Taylor who has donated!

Update: November 07, 2012: Cyclone Sandy has hit! 50 lives lost in Haiti and the livelihoods of some of my friends in Haiti have been deeply affected. I’m raising money to send to Haiti once more. Please donate, if you can, and I’ll add you to this list of generous donors as I did last time. More details. Thank you.

Update: July 30, 2010: I am still in England – raising awareness and slowly putting more and more of the photos and images together as you can see on the main pages… I am not currently in a financial state to get back to Haiti for at least a few more months, but you can now visit the website for Danthors Orphanage… Well done to Manbo Paula for getting that together :) Please donate $NZ1 and join the 90,000 club!

Update: April 7, 2010: I am now back in England where I shall spend the next few months raising awareness of all I have seen in Haiti and posting my photos and videos online. I am now also fundraising for my next journey out there as soon as I can afford it. To date I have raised approximately £1450 which has helped to clothe and feed many people. Thank you everyone who has supported my work, and who continues to support my work.

Sponsorships: March 3rd, 2010: Haiti would appear to be in a bit of a mess – with over a million people in temporary housing. I am only one man doing my little bit to make one small quarter of Haiti just a little bit better. My efforts are made all the more possible by some generous donations that are coming in…

With that in mind, I would like to thank my current public sponsors:

  • Thank you agi doodle! you rock!!!!
  • Thank you for your second donation Jacqueline Woodward Smith from the Tribe of Avalon! :)
  • I’m back in England now – and have many more people to thank for helping my work in Haiti. Thank you Jonathan Breach! Koogie (again!!), thank you Susan Pearson, big hugs Catherine Hutchinson, and Kate Scottorn again!!
  • Wow! I am now in Haiti – and have many more people to send thanks to: big big love and appreciation to Jessa Chapman, Sylvia Rose, Koogie, Laura Hunt, Sparky Roots, Mia Trujillo, Caitriona Horan and Owen Clarke! I’ll send personal thanks to you when I get time. There’s more coming in and I’ll post up my gratitude as soon as I have them confirmed :D
  • Thank you Alex Kells!!! Ace to be in contact with you again! :)
  • Massive hugs to Angie Buchanan! Thank you for helping me get to Haiti !!!
  • Huge appreciation to Naomi Ozaniec from The House Of Life for your wonderful donation.. Thank you!
  • Anyone who needs tattoo really should look no further than wonderfully generous Clare Goldilox to have theirs done!
  • Massive hugs to Kristy Burger and Cedar for helping me get to Haiti !!!
  • Thank you Kate Scottorn!!! So wonderful to be in contact with you after all these years!
  • Big thanks to Avalonia Books for your wonderful donation :)
  • Yay my first donation from Ireland!! Thank you Nichola Hannigan!
  • Big hugs to MJ Tallon for helping me get to Haiti !!!
  • Thank you Koogie Smith!!! :)
  • It is wonderful to be sponsored by the accountant who saves me money every year. Please visit Tyler Accounting
  • Shine on Lisa Wooler! Thank you :D
  • Thank you so much Kev Keenoy!!
  • Big hugs to Debra Hardy oh yeah!!!
  • Big big hugs to Chloe Potter for her wonderful donation!
  • Thanks to the Dionysian Underground for generous support – especially Steve Ash!
  • Jacqui Woodward-Smith from the Tribe of Avalon
  • Thanks ever so much Andi Ye for your wonderful sponsorship :)
  • Paganarchy Press – my publishing company!
  • I have been sponsored by a former client over at Kyosei Systems
  • Thanks to Clustered.net for the hosting!

Thank you so much for helping me to make this possible!

If you would like to support my journey to Haiti doing please donate and be sure to let me know if you would like your sponsorship of my journey to Haiti to be made public. Everyone will love you, I promise!

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